Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sports Photography Interview/Training

This friday i have an "interview/training" set up with a youth sports photography company. I will be taking action shots of various sporting events all around DFW. Then, the pics get downloaded on-site to one of the "salesperson's" computers and sold to parents on a CD/DVD. They aren't really salespeople, because the company has already been asked to be there, so its not like we go take photos, then try to sale them to unsuspecting parents. They just specialize in the business side of the deal.

This is a paid deal too, so thats a start! Its not a ton of money, but if im making any money at all through my photography then i definitely cant complain. Im really, really excited about this. If i could choose one area of photography to specialize in, it would be sports. Any kind of sports. I just like the action and the challenge of getting the shot and freezing that moment in time.

So it starts with Basketball. I'm not sure if its a high-school tournament, or just younger kids, but it should be fun either way!

Also, i just ordered 1000 business cards to get started. I found a really sweet deal right now where you get 1000 cards, double sided (which i forgot to put a back side on mine... doh!) full color, and all you pay is shipping. So, that worked out to $8.02, shipped to my door! Cant beat that, at least just to have something to hand out. I even got to design them myself. Jill will be making some for her salon move as well.

This is the picture i used for the background. I took it last November at a nature workshop.

I thought it was perfect because the image left a nice spot on the side for text. I included my name, that im a photographer, email, phone number and website.

Hope those work out for me. I think they will be here next week or so.

Well, thats all i got for now. Im sure i'll be writing with all the juicy details from my interview and training on friday. check back soon!


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  1. Can you send me info about the business card thing? I need some as well.
    Hope your wedding went well BTW.