Thursday, March 5, 2009

From blah to extremely excited!

I got home from work tonight around midnight and immediately sat down to try and color correct my previous efforts on the product photos i shot. The backgrounds in the last set were all over the place, some a yellowish tint, some a grey tint, and some a redish tint. I was shooting for the classic all white backgrounds. Thanks to a little help from Melissa (mmuhlenkamp) from the Texas Photo Forums, I think i got the exact look i was originally going for! These look amazing, in my opinion. I really hope the guys over at, Robby, Dorian, and Tommy, like them as much as I do. I did a few folders tonight and will have the rest done hopefully early tomorrow.

Here are a few of the pics, now redone how i originally intended.

As always, it seems to be in the 4am hour when i'm posting these blogs, so it's definitely time for bed. I've got a lot of post processing to do tomorrow! Night.


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