Monday, March 9, 2009

WOW! What a night!

So tonight i got really lucky. I had my camera with me, along with my 70-200 f/2.8L IS at work. I still had all of my stuff in the car from the Bombsquad product shoot the night before. There was no way i was going to leave all of my stuff in the car all day so i brought it in with me. I kept joking around with my bosses that i was going to go walk around with my camera like i knew what i was doing and just walk up to one of the lens ports on the glass and start shooting.

Well.... I never did that, just because i like my job and dont exactly feel like getting fired! One of these days i really am going to do that though...

So, as i was leaving work after the Stars game i noticed that there was a college hockey game about to happen, and pretty much all of the security/ushers from the stars game didnt look like they were sticking around to work it. Hmm... maybe i should try my little trick now. I'll go back to my warehouse, set up the camera and walk around like i was supposed to be there. So i did. I managed to get a great spot on the NE side, by myself right at a port. Shot pretty much the whole game from there. During the second intermission i went up to the media platform where the TV cameras are and shot from there for a few minutes, but the 200mm was just a tad limiting for what i was aiming for. So back to the glass port I went!

I had SOOOO much fun, if even just sitting by myself taking pictures. You pros are so lucky to get to do that on a regular basis. One of these days....

The game was actually very high energy with some BIG hits and a massive fight. It took forever for them to sort it out. Then, when the refs were all deliberating on penalties, THE FREAKING GOALIES STARTED FIGHTING!! I've never seen that before. They were both tossed.

Anyway, here are some of the shots. Click them for a larger image!

Here are a couple of shots of me in action!

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