Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A little blah today

After doing the post-processing on 200 some odd pictures yesterday, i learned that my monitor was not quite calibrated correctly, so all of the backgrounds that look a nice bright white at home are actually not so bright afterall. All of the pics i posted last night, along with the other couple hundered are going to have to be redone. On pretty much every monitor but my own, the pics all have varying background colors, and only one or two are actually a pure white color. Blah. Most have a greyish, or yellowish tint.

I know what i need to do to fix them, but its going to take a lot longer per picture than i originally thought. This is all part of the learning process, so i'm taking it in stride. I've got a 13 hour workday today, so its unlikely i'll get to them tonight, but tomorrow i can spend all day fixing the problems. I'll try to do one or two tonight, just to get the technique down so i can hammer them out tomorrow.

Just needed to rant. I was so excited last night with my results, only to be shot down when i viewed them anywhere else but my house. Oh well. It's all part of learning.


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