Monday, March 2, 2009

Homemade Lightbox!

I've got some products to shoot for my buddies down in Austin so I figured I'd make a lightbox to give them a more professional look. I made it out of a cardboard box, some tissue paper, poster board, and a couple of worklights. For someone with zero studio and lighting experience, i'd say the couple of test shots i took came out okay. The sides of the objects are a little hot, but i'm working on positioning the lights to eliminate that.

Here is what my setup looks like.

Here are a few of the test shots taken tonight. I haven't had much time to dial anything in, so these are just the first round of tests. I'm hoping to make it down tomorrow to go take their pictures. If i do, i'll definitely be posting the results here.

Well, its way past my bedtime so im heading off. I will update as much as i can!


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