Thursday, April 2, 2009

Work Work Work!!

Man, i've been working my butt off the last week or so. I finally have tomorrow off to get some much needed rest. I'd stay in bed all day long if i could, but ive got some post processing to do on some product shots. I really need a laptop to bring to bed with me!

This has been my past week and a half work schedule (with half hours taken out for lunch):

Mar. 24th - Stars Game. 11a-10:30p (11hrs)
Mar. 25th - Mavs Game. Daytime only. 10a-5p (6.5hrs.... yeah not horrible that day)
Mar. 26th - Off from day job, but drove to Austin to take some product shots, so still technically worked. That drive is exhausting going there and back in a day.
Mar. 27th - Mavs Game. 11a-10:30p (11hrs)
Mar. 28th - Stars Game. 12p-10p (9.5hrs)
Mar. 29th - OFF!!! YAY!!! Drove to Grapevine for a Photography Seminar.
Mar. 30th - WWE Wrestling. 11a-2a (15hrs)
Mar. 31st - Britney Spears. 11a-3a (16hrs)

That has been the last little bit, with a short burst left starting again on Friday.

April 1st - Mavs Game. 11a-10:30p (11hrs)
April 2nd - OFF tomorrow! Whew!
April 3rd - Jeremy Camp. 12p-Guessing midnight or so (12hrs)
April 4th - Stars Game. 10a-10:30p (12hr)
April 5th - Youth sports action photos all day
April 6th - Youth sports action photos all day (pending confirmation)
April 7th - Dayshift at the regular job, then possibly more youth action photos at night
April 8th - Mavs Game. 10a-10:30p (12hrs)

WOW. Thats a LOT of stuff going on. After the 8th I go back to mostly daytime until the Mavs Playoffs start up.

I've got a buddy who is starting his own fashion line, and at some point in the next week or so wants me to take some pics for him for ads. It will consist of mostly urban/street stuff, but im going to take him into the studio also and see what we can get done in there. Looking forward to that for sure.

I know most of this wasnt photography related, but i realized while talking to my mom recently that i havent updated this in quite some time. Making a new post after this about some actual photography related news.

Thanks for reading!


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