Monday, February 23, 2009

Austin Skate Trip

Today me and a few of my longboard crew, Bombsquad Longboarding, drove down to Austin to meet up with some friends and skate the insane hills the city has to offer. We met Tommy at Robby and Dorian's house and then headed to the hills. It was a LONG day of skating and walking up hills, but as always, it was worth every second. Austin has amazing terrain and massive hills compared to here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. So any chance we get to hit some bigger stuff we jump on it!

Thanks to Dorian, Tommy and Robby for a great day of downhill! Hopefully we can make it down again very soon. You guys are awesome.

Here are some of the pics i got, so far. I haven't been through them all to get them edited yet, but here is the first batch of downloads.

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