Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More news every day

My wife Jill (for those of you that may not know her already) is a cosmetologist and recently told me that one of her clients is an ex-pro hockey player. He now coaches and runs pretty much all of the local Arlington area ice hockey programs. I sent him an email to ask what the rules are for shooting pictures at games, since im not related to anyone on the team and dont know anyone. I just didnt want to be "that creepy guy with the camera" taking pictures of people. I've been wanting to get more into sports photography and thought it might be a good place to get some practice.

Today he wrote back and not only gave me permission to shoot there, but actually asked if i would be able to shoot for their D League games on Thursday nights to use on their website! I'm not getting paid anything (as far as i know), but the experience will be great and also the publicity assuming the photos turn out for the better.

So, just another nugget of good news for me. February has been very good to me so far! I'll post up some pics from this Thursday night's games once i get them.

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